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When finding a child or family psychologist in Bellevue, Kirkland or Redmond, Washington, your first step might be to search online. However, the results that turn up are often so varied and numerous that they can be overwhelming. To guide you in your quest, we will walk you through your various search options and highlight noteworthy results.Child Therapy

Each of these website will include information about mental health counselors. In some cases these professionals pay to have their information listed and other cases they are included for free and contain ratings and reviews. Therefore, it will be helpful to discuss the criteria for including a psychologist on a website and how they rank the therapists.

In a search for “Bellevue psychologist” or “Redmond child psychologist” the results will list many different websites. One good options is Developing Minds Clinics, which provides child and family psychology and psychiatric services with offices in Bellevue and Bothell. Online searches also frequently return Psychology Today, GoodTherapy, Yelp, and Healthgrades.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today requires the professionals listed pay monthly fees to be included. It does not rank the psychologists, but it does verify the accuracy of their information so that you can know that what you see it factual and true.

Psychology Today is a very helpful resource, as it allows you to limit your search not only by area but also by insurance accepted, issues treated, language spoken and even faith. For example, should you wish to see a psychologist who speaks Spanish, treats anxiety and accepts Aetna, you have only to select these options and come up with a list of the relevant psychologists. In Bellevue, you narrow your possibilities down to 20. Then, should you have more requirements, such as a psychologist who treats children, you will limit your choices even more. You can even search for a psychologist by name, should you wish to find out more information about any particular practitioner.

Psychology Today, GoodTherapy and give very detailed information about each psychologist, discussing not only their background and education but also their approach, the issues they treat, their rates and more. For very thorough research about a psychologist, these websites are excellent. It is important to remember, though, that since these are subscription services, you may not find the same psychologists across all three sites.


GoodTherapy requires a monthly payment for listing on their website, and like Psychology Today, does not provide rankings but does verify its members and ensures that they follow strict membership requirements. is like Psychology Today and GoodTherapy in that it requires psychologists to pay to have their practices listed. The website verifies the licenses of professionals annually so that you can know each is in good standing, but it does not provide any ranking system. offers an advanced search feature which allows you to limit your options like Psychology Today does. GoodTherapy, however, does not permit narrowing the choices to such a degree. On the other hand, it does have a very nice feature which allows you to search not only by city but also by area within the city, so if the location is of great importance, this website will come in handy.


Yelp lists businesses without any membership or fee, and it ranks them based on customer rating. It is important to note that although some businesses pay for promotion on, such payment does not affect either ranking or ratings.

Should you prefer to choose based on reviews other patients have given, Yelp and Healthgrades are good options. Yelp lists the top ten choices for a given area, and in Bellevue, among these are Acupuncture Northwest and Associates, Dr. Stephen Katz and Dr. Connie Craig, all three of whom have five-star reviews.

Yelp’s disadvantage is that it does not describe in as much detail the background, approach and specialties of the practitioners. However, if the psychologist or practice so chooses, they can put up some information about themselves. Acupuncture Northwest and Associates, for example, describes itself as a practice of psychologists and acupuncturists specializing in pain and pregnancy acupuncture as well as fertility enhancement. Dr. Katz, on the other hand, lists as his specialties the treatment of patients of all ages who are suffering from autism spectrum disorder, life transitions, anxiety, depression, family dynamics and relationship issues. As for Dr. Craig, she does not discuss herself at all, although a reviewer describes her as a psychologist, cognitive-behavioral therapist and ARNP.

Among the top ten in Kirkland are Abou-Zaki and Associates, Eastside Counseling Center and Dr. Jeffrey A. Shaw. Abou-Zaki and Associates serves individuals and couples and specializes in EDMR, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and eating disorders. Eastside Counseling Center also serves individuals and couples, but to these two patient groups, it adds families. Although there are a number of counselors on staff with various specialties, Yelp only lists those of the owner Melanie Vallee. Addiction, EDMR, trauma, and marriage and family issues fall under her expertise. Dr. Shaw, on the other hand, like Dr. Craig, lists no information about himself.

In Redmond, some of the best are Dr. Marcia Wesley, the Salveo Counseling Center and the Emmaus Counseling Center. Yelp has no information about Dr. Wesley or the Emmaus Counseling Center, but the Salveo Counseling Center offers therapy to adults and teens, as well as families and couples.

This brief description of the Yelp results shows that to get meaningful information, it is best to use these websites in conjunction with each other. While the sites which give detailed information, such as Psychology Today, do not tell you anything about patient experience, those which discuss patient experience may list nothing formal about the psychologists themselves. To get the entirety of the information you need before making an important decision, you will want to do as much research as possible.


Healthgrades offers free profiles to professionals, and it rates them according to customer review. Reviews here are less open-ended than on Yelp and follow strict criteria. They break down ratings by aspects of the psychologist’s performance as well as by the performance of his or her office staff.

Searching for a psychologist is a difficult task. There is a great deal that you must find out before you take the step to engage in psychological counseling, and whether location matters or not, it is important that you find the right fit. Use your online resources to help you to make the best decision possible.